And welcome back everybody to another episode of of eat the Mandrake eating mat legs losing at meijer well i gotta stop the fire house but somebody’s like a lot. Just foliage okay well why do I see eyes in the bottom of my screen to sanity no no oh really. Maybe you’re going to say news in it yeah there’s eyes like in the darkness. Around have you guys been doing that yellow burning thing i did one time I think if you’re. Around a fire too long maybe I’m worried it’s like summertime I’m not feeling so good all my sanity is going down it’s because things are around me. I think so to get your sanity up you can like prototype a new thing, you can pick flowers oh ok if you make like that that flower crown that will help you. Out no yeah i’m gonna try what there’s a light bulb I have light bulbs ok I heard there’s a light bulb it literally says light bulb and I can eat it I think you. Make plans out of those those are pretty good okay i guess i need like a advanced, machine either did you find the the picking I’m not yet, okay i have it likely that i’m very much and i’m gonna show you where he is we should take it on together. Though we have to kill him don’t have to but we should we should feel some pigs have to work very kills is an idea you, know how you guys doing our food you’re still get I’m all right and you see if we can find. Some flowers and berries on the way that would be really convenient what’s this. Just the grass with the extron ok i’m living off seeds right now my hydration is like super, low know that hydrates our wetness okay Wow okay sorry i just attacked the spider nest they’re all here oh you found spiders try to, get some weekend yeah so we’re trying to.

Do my lord about timeline a little bit for this man i can’t find any flowers guys was with. I still have seven flowers so that you cross the desert to get with no up where are you coming to the, come to our base camp I’m very close to a base they had am too yeah i haven’t seen you yet come I’m right here i’m currently at the base i’m gonna. Leave some gold inside the chest here o.o i found that o we use the father gold nuggets or any, yeah I got one left here up with the, light bulbs in the chest you see that I got label get in there and put up the girls on the ground let’s put cut grass from there I got a bunch, of Flint’s flip some guano, in there just because you like is a snack for later huh take that I mean cook up some Kozma, some seeds and then i’ll show you where the pic no no okay o.o i don’t know what is your trouble or Oh God else will be the bear i’m seeing dark images on my screen it. You’re going to see you pick flowers, it company for this way thinking thinking since the second i want to see a little. Bit of saturday night a sec come on grab it going what can you do with the crockpot you just open it um oh i see well I don’t, have any but four ingredients in and you make stuff but it’s crappy and just.

Makes Skippy’s certain ingredients not just wrong alright you have food on you either by the way I got some ate berries here. Looking for you got 300 is my trap wait you said I caught, something in the trap you did I picked it up though when I went all thanks and you ate it probably you know it’ll stop people stop all of the bird, is a bird can get trapped ion trap is a special. For trap we haven’t made a all your berries and didn’t even give me coal mine close to flowers so, your your special ability beef you have like three modes you have a weakness you normal mode which is what you’re in right now and then super-strong mode ok if you, feel up here with a bar enough oh when you’re super-strong mode though you lose your hunger three times faster well that. Sounds Pleasant yeah tell that one have this. Way they’ll just didn’t happen one just have today I may have started a big forest fire, with his little mouse 15 is right over here this guy look how fat he is don’t say that you can attack them now you can’t hurt this, guy but like the little pictures around the village we should try to eat one of them is my, friend so you better not attack that guy Tony Little Red not anymore you didn’t feed them enough oh it’s all they. Don’t stay friends forever no it’s like a what have you done for me lately kinda guy here what a jerk but you found the final FLOWER nice stupid flower crown. Oh wait why does my sandy still have an arrow going down it always goes down pick president there’s. Spiders, here oh ok let’s let’s take one okay you know where I am yeah I got a little arrow towards you following you there’s a lot, of them on my way to attack attack attack attack Fu said f always manage to get out of there be to get out get out get out of. There run you fool Mike look like the old buddy are you okay he had over 10 spiders if he’s. Sitting in the middle and that’s what he’s finally head with all this crap, that’s not to pick up some grass oh no I can’t because just keep coming to this 400-foot it’s awfully. Crap that was afraid to keep making think he can help us i.

Got you i feel what I feel title yep one out of like 30 well there’s like evil bats after meat oh. Well some of them are retreating bunch of losers yeah you want to get them when they like to split off like that are. You having trouble with any down here take a little damage you want to help out try and so you just. Hold the eff for something and he attacks the nearest one right right okay that, way you have to click on every time tonight right yeah that whatever is where you were either because he’s picked about crapped out of logs ok probably, probably oh it’s almost nighttime yeah because I want to get back my water retreat now we got we got killing to do get out of here talking, look we’re taking on ok how about we have what we can’t hear. Them to pick up the silk dobro there’s a spider about the vacuum you had my back what, will try and let’s go drop some seeds yeah I choose seeds over your, back okay so let me cook up his monster me why are you eating monster meat it’s not something you eat it loses sanity. When you need it really bad for community what do you want to do anything should make you think. I should make the fishing rod or club named old spider gland heels you yeah points oh not bad not bad what about the stuff. We use that the build stuff i’m guessing silk is good and eternal fruitcake that’s you fit get stomach is not strong enough, for eternal fruitcake what parents no clothes where are you guys i’m seeing so many, shadows creating crawling and trying to grab me we’re at 18 villager King village the loose are, real whoa is he getting you know what the heck just pick up various times to and then when i go pick it up I get why you’re my berries man, have stomachs not strong enough for now is your sanity of. Stupid thing I think my sanity is fantastic it’s going up actually okay is it yeah okay that’s good, all right what’s the plan here though should we get some more spiders sure why can’t I I want to eat, the monster me stay with me lobby for me but.

What other meat unless you want to kill one of these guys killings yeah it’s doing to these goods okay here i can get things are about the, back now is not get out get out also they’ll chase you and I, can attack them Oh i lo 0 i love together yeah I got it what happened my armor broke gotta really watch it to you gotta really watch it because you’ll die how do you make more.

That you gotta. Go back to the thing to make it oh no you don’t learn a twilight yeah you can do you do it. Again though so I need it’s a log crazy monologues first of all because all this grass looks like a handy they kill it kill the one of those, big guys those fighters bid oh there’s some berries right here now he ate the leads put it the figure-eight the. Meat what a jerk ball that work from nothing what the. Heck is this plumber statue you all lots of fish oh yeah that youthful ok get up you can smash. It with an axe right here only right that hammer on that 1i can mine it’s a pic is it your fishing is legit i picked up marble pieces didn’t give a recipe or. Not uh no I’m gonna go with no on that ok chocolate. Log will be boys come back and fish for you guys really yeah okay I’m, just gonna pick up some logs i can make my mind first when I want to go searching for some spiders so I can get some, silk make a fishing rod we got all kinds i got three silicon me tell ya you need to to make a fishing rod yeah top-right, positive so many spiders up here are really oh I see how it is what it is well what is. Frogs came at me bro really boom another lock suit alright Hot science machine Electric dart blow, darts fire darts sleep darts these are amazing sleep darts are really good, for like the Kurds authorities still fighting spiders uh I need one more Monster me and I didn’t get to this. Guy I have monster meat here it’s cooked duck go ahead and feed them here oh I can feed myself I think so oh, ok what do we need to start, making it like a refrigerator that needs no years i think we need years ouch the frogs are the worst because they just take your crap for me man all want to hit the things spiders come out yeah how, depends like they’re always so bad perfect if you feed him for months for be turned. Into a meaning all do my health is so bad right now Oh run away then.

Run back to hot running I’m gonna hold fast no shame and that seems safe he promised me fish screwed. Up no fish like I got lots i got so i got for frog legs and five, fish right now noise so five fish is a lot okay yeah that’s a lot ok you know how to make fish sticks these fish sticks there’s.

Fish sticks it’s like that like to fish into twigs or something back eating some more. Berries i really wish you could make twigs out of cities you can make tweaks out. Of sticks their sticks glad you realized slings saplings that was you mean twigs yeah you make, to exotic saplings we talk about make all you want to make twigs out a lot like yeah refine them really think, this is like a raft or something in my trap hey I caught a rabbit so what do I do with the rabbit, now you pick them up and you right-click on murder the rabbit I got another one over here to open it says monster meat though like you said. I shouldn’t be eating monster oh I didn’t know that’s probably why you’re losing sanity is. Continuously i’m actually not I’m actually not eating a lot of, monster me my sandals that’s an addict would say right it’s true where’s your guys sanity yet and it’s been bad i’m an ID 835 9000 you there’s a number on my, 76 some way better than eat though it’s already packed tighter than something Toronto ok here is there’s cute and then. If someone wants some frog legs I’m gonna eat these berries first these cooks frogs legs already an, uncooked they’re cooked sweet i’ll are four of them nice work off they go this is my hero, you say go master all know that didn’t work cook these my direct your fish all my god i. Don’t know why they work with whose backpack is this I’m a door that you can use if. You want there’s a flute down here a pan flu well what’s wrong cause I just see like a spooky the other they’re after, me right now your cake and attack it ok kind of man when is my stomach strong enough for this fruitcake here’s the thing. Beef you’ll never be surrounded wow what kind of other food tonight I’m gonna. Cook this monster mean I’m gonna eat down here anymore as need some food the phone like to do not know what didn’t this guy eats a. Lot you have any. Frog legs left because I can make you a sandwich ok I feel up to my sandals out 39 invitation you and Stevie you’re troubled. Out no I’m not everything’s gonna be fine i’ll put some marble inside the things was silk inside the thing cause if you need salt okay do we have, any done the some, bananas i put some there’s one there’s one guano that’s the same right or is not quite the same it’s. Fine I can go get some using block when you do that but it’ll get us some to start making a farm here i can pick up wet. Goop goop yeah so soda yes I put in the chest ok what can I make another trap you want to make some of these drying racks how do, i do that i have no idea so you need charcoal rope in twigs okay so okay so how do. I, get to the drying rack that’s on structures i’m guessing food i was only Congress somebody trees there’s some logs farm basic farm bucket of poop bbox drying rack, right oh how do you get the charcoal then you gotta burn down trees with a tortilla turn them down. Ok I don’t do any our base please don’t don’t ya not around the base ok I won’t do it whoa okay that was weird, alright okay are you losing your sanity more i think it in gay men in your life been really but. I’m gonna try goes away from our base but, how far does it spread my health is really bad how do i get it up we gotta like start cooking things instead of like eating all our dry ingredients but i. Have been cooking everything I be like in the crockpot I mean not like on oh I see, yeah well the guy just a healing salves butterflies are good for health to make a bug net don’t do that, do that with your dude i found Chester nice, makeup bug net you said yeah so that he can capture the butterflies that would be under tools i’m guessing yes razor rather no it’s not. You lied to me survival oh wait maybe I gotta go with survival Jesus ok telltale hires and we travel the bird trap there’s a, bird trap you know what I’m gonna make a bird trap, guys okay no big leave me alone bro I don’t have to murder you made some.

Tweaks I need someplace I really ha no choice of that week kat bar immediate wake me at Wake twig me off of pieces that. Quick quick quick oh I see the single-seat wigs so that’s it calls you it no I click there was a piece of poop beside and I tried to pick always i, think i click on the other thing yes investigate suspicious dirt pile your suspicious trip I’ll I, don’t edit me nap oh snap he went there I didn’t mean it you meant it also i’m really grabs was never close to death. Ok, so what’s it looking for the base and with more you guys a bird trapper bug net doesn’t matter i’ll probably a bug net so we can start he later okay, I’ll makeup on and not have to find bugs you have to do that the next steps are all right i’ll be, guys provided see the next one. Bye bye .