I thought you that what you said you weren’t gonna do the intro and I resent ito welcome you know he’s out John Kerry we’re gonna do the. Intro welcome to don’t starve together with Yankee and had a big and has all the you guys, are gonna have to carry me so hard I played what happened and frog after meat causes already did i’m. Not going to die i’m just gonna bail from the ok so i played for a grand total of twenty-three minutes today so tell us what to do b4 what do we do, that so here’s what I think you guys should do you guys should pick some carrots and some berries, and then make a fire at night and everything seems, to work out okay sounds great right all we did I rock I think you’re kind of wrong know like survive you know his nickname in college was, Boy Scout to beef boy Scott. Was it really yeah that’s amazing because I’d ever heard them call me that one of your isn’t realistic to me what where are you here how are we gonna find each other as, well yeah look at you that little, spider head just you know you want to call it that right that’s very derogative in my land at the derogative derogatory mean it’s still dragging that’s my prerogative. It’s alright so um what do we have a plan here or my just, collecting as much stuff as bonds so yeah we should grab some grass and twigs know that when Clinton or tonight I realized i’ve become a beaver what did he, become a beam I don’t know it getting late already yeah okay so if, you look at that the time all Yeah Yeah Yeah right when it was not easy what wasn’t so stupid so when it’s in the red this. Is like Twilight’s so we’re we’re still a little bit safe but when, I just a little blue we got being the light otherwise we’re gonna die oh why nobody, i know that much I know you’re what I don’t want any minutes of my 20 minutes is enough to teach me that but what I don’t know. Is how someone becomes a beaver immediate, had actually become a biotin I think it’s my character trait he had some weird text that says so who’s not the downward and not picking up the log that’s what I want to know that. Mr. beaver I can’t pick anything. Up i’m not human at all that’s what I really all you do is chop trees down so we have to clean. Up after missing saying I got together with children what can I make so far can i make an axe I can make an axe i’ll build that when we got here, i’ll make you guys need a fire where should we hang out so we hang out near that portal that we, just the respondent I don’t know what do you think is a good place to start because, I’ve always been pretty bad with, this type of stuff oh I’m back to normal there’s a wormhole also near the portal is not going that are you okay oh man I steal, my sanity doing that you guys know how to look freakin beeper you guys know about the stats like the sanity and how that work yeah. On not the vanity no ahead and tell us how thief I i told you i don’t know but the head of, the part smell it where are you guys why are you running away from me i need i’m gonna need shelter, and bragging almost nighttime it’s not it’s not it’s pretty close to that time, yeah what is that thing i found gold nuggets all those are really. Good grab those yeah lots of them but i’m going to die at night time because my friends are here to protect me come to us can’t you see are like little icons yeah, and every time i get parts for a walk will be further away alright because in Flint. Uh-huh well there’s a headstone here I forget how do you have to rotate, the camera what I know you and the there we go. Please don’t call me that beat New ok be important tip yes if you hold spacebar you Otto collects things you value what so you have to look like a, few quick things you just press space parts it’s real. Life stuff on the ground yeah yeah yeah so if I hit spacebar and like he’s moving towards ok guys it’s almost nighttime that didn’t, work then we’re I’m a bite though make a fire chief wherever you are I don’t know where you I don’t even see, your icons anymore and by the graves i don’t know i’m looking for you ok alright well i guess my own this whole wait stop stop stop stop stop stop. Where you guys were right here perfect heat up so all we gotta do now is hang around the fire right yeah. Okay so we build. Stuff and I build stuff to make a science machine what do you think I am some sort of Science Guy one of my bill my I just make 22 I just made that, is science guy guys yeah yeah i think, that i made here i’m gonna drop this because I made two of them ok. How do i how do i drop stuff you click it then you’re left quicken their behalf haha you go i made two of.

Those bad boys you don’t have one so you didn’t cook any food you got over the fire to Barry’s even berries well. Brian Collins look at parties trying to show up he has a bigger fire that examine the pinecone ok. I just feel the fire with pinecones guys it’s fine well it’s not gone already yeah, wow I think was immediately you have a gold right I i could have home you should because, you need the science machine so you need for rocks okay i need for rocks i have the golden i have the, logs boys what do I find the most i need to pick those rocks rocks right where I am okay that’s good yeah yeah i see i see you think i’m gonna go up here. And I’m gonna get the rocks to be great makeup that Flint either good job here’s the. Rocks around all this is what this is right wait where did. You get them I want to see what they look like ah it’s just big pile right oh yeah it’s just like a big, boulder should i go back to the fire make the science machine and make it right here I think I the fire so we have like at least, like one, general area where we stay you know right right if the fire still going because I remember was let’s not.

Build in the graveyard because it got that right here this is the greater isn’t it yeah maybe it’s not that spooky etho come on are you use, tell me you believe it goes that let’s go over here a little bit like you to like right over here everyone online etho that you eat those slab the fifth, are terrified of ghosts the fifth okay here they’re like the signs keep this carrot. Here oh I have an R boom I thought you said something science machine is built boys hey nice that we cannot create other items. Know right so what do you do. To create the other items just automatically gets in your bar gas no you’re going to bring up more items on the left there ok if you can. Make a log suit a log supiera a transformer is vitally really good at this game I’m trying to find what why would. Even find that log suit it would be under fight you might have to refine that straw into rope first. Oh my goodness oh my goodness no complicated i know Bob Goodman ok alright haven’t played this. In forever this is fun again huh. It’s one again whatever for a bit and then you know oh I got super hungry guys can i eat stuff yeah do not pick up like berries or character that I have some carrots will eat. Away whole does it fill up much no that’s why we need to get meat we need to get, we need to get like a real food excellent. Goodness how many butterflies that’s that’s what my goodness I have to eat these seeds i eat i can’t eat pine coordinators green cap is, going to poison me I don’t need that don’t either meeting flower pot a flower petals is that bad it’s okay. That you might give you one house everyone you need okay so um what should I focus on getting then I i think we. Need strong strong so just and twigs, in whatever you find if you press M it brings up your map oh yeah but I, can’t see you guys that makes me sad i could see where he throw is any yeah it’s been through here because there’s, nothing but little little dead saplings left oh I think mentally got the map i was like yeah I can, see on the map really i can not anymore i think once you get past a certain distance they disappear on you dude there’s like frog, pond down here that we get the bog legs isn’t I think there’s where we should live well there’s a lot of bees where I am yeah don’t go, near those bees whoa there’s 123456 franchi ponds I see that I’m, just gonna follow evil here at the scroll down dude and the mine is over, here to get to the caves all totally all we we are so lucky we. Have their mind you you were looking out for that mine where you be I was looking for the man like you know if only we could find am I not get that would make this. Perfect and in mind this yeah I maybe don’t I did run away from there may be.

Why he’s gonna start spotting things now everything’s fine okay something came out of, it out that the other way where are you guys far away from you sucka by the sides machine and I’m scared although we’re nowhere near, the science machine I know scared though you should we stop and make a fire soon are my rocks you have can we make like a. Real fire pit I have three rocks ok you don’t have enough. I have four gold though how come the science machine didn’t. Use my gold you have gotten more of a man more frog bones okay yeah prob bonds or its ads what I hear all the kids are celebrating these days from funds can you, stop moving so, fast but Becky’s I’m really scared all right stay close people what is this day this guy that made my friends or my axe what is this so what what’s what what the heck. Are you Carrie I don’t know and suspicious marble okay stop. Stop stop put down guys are scared I place down can you find the fire again pause oh how do you drop it ito you drop it see a second 5800 see, doesn’t work at, the pace that see sucka yeah sucka sucka you gotta take it off your armor slots the bottom-right the home what the heck is that day I don’t like that at all i don’t. Know ok let’s have a great cause your axe looks cooler than mine it’s okay afterward right like spider bros oh there’s the. Battle careful about serpentining there’s a lot of them now beef with. A lot done i freed the pats because they were oppressed and trapped inside their kb i just made spider meet good uh I need I didn’t look. At least you should at least get oh, we figured a delicious yeah I’m goes dead then I’m getting chopped again attack my marine friends home i can i can burn, like these beehives right and then the dog come out all on fire you could but we might want to use them for, food and stuff OIC yeah that totally food and stuff but I’m do you know where you’re going either have to the left laughs. Yeah the left everybody watch those bats. On the left okay well as a good day very close it awesome um ok so now what it’s, the middle of fire i don’t have enough mats made between fire pit I built the shovel shovels are cool right very cool I brought all I can build a track and i. Will trap the council small creatures you could i did it i built the junit there’s, I’ve heard sleeping right next to us dude no you got, it captain we can add eggs i built the trap right next to us you think that’s too obvious for the animals maybe they do get spooked na errands are done that you know that be all. Thank you can, I eat it yeah okay i have a belly ache ache ache i say boy we should I just AI du sable you say.

Goodbye to her face we should get some rocks this next day we can make a fire pit, and stuff yeah i agree not to waste all this i got the read how do you guys have like I don’t have those about what rocks i got three. Oh yeah make log suit pajamas are you questioning science suit flight i don’t i. Can’t find the law go to refine ok there’s a and refine, make some rope to rope okay but I have to be really close to the science machine once you learn it once though then then you know what ok that’s good but the rope is made of grass right hip, I only have. Two of three graphs need to find more grass i’ll give you some like I mean thanks i dropped it by the show by the. Thing okay great because i love this game completely sharing is caring yeah okay you got want to survive beef pick up the grass. Of course I want you to survive fight no not fight refine role well, its prototype so I just click photo type i think this frogs mad at me though yeah he’s kicking you when I can make, a spear that’s a good one too i recommend little okay I’m gonna make the sphere then all baby I’m ready to spare some stuff in the, face but I should, still make that get up don’t get up now he beat me what happens if you guys fighting I’m coming with must be your voice is too strong got him he’s just a frog always buddies after. Me save me be all we did it yeah throw the spirit this bird ok that do you think. You should be able to write it’s a severe right yeah these are meant for, throwing these the mint 1st through and this is a dead end over here nobody wants to be we. All followed pause and he said noting what i am doing my old thing down yeah apparently no I, got us enough match for a beautiful fireplace now can I break the icon with the pic you need. A shovel for them shuttle i have a shovel we do this yeah I made all kinds of tools already on my head of the. Game Mothman hey I got a jammy shirt i would use it on oh yes which during plate I think the. Red gym that’s good a red gem good okay good i think that like a regular here there, we go I won’t let me change it might make things a blue gym Oh guys I can’t I can’t up i have to eat a bite, my thing is full take it out of your pocket and soul my, inventory oh you have enough wood to make a chest I think. 12 or so Long’s know i have six what the heck is an endothermic fireplace to the invite reads dark keeps you cool in the summer the guys are picking up Oh James like, a boss I’m gonna need. Some food can I eat this I’m gonna eat the Frog la idea what happens we need them i would be very Jim oh your beaver you can you. Not choose that happens no ok glass so bad pretty pretty, okay I’m gonna follow paws over here there’s a call can i attack is bunny do the bodies are hard to, get that’s what you should use the traps on the bunnies get some carrots i dig up the hole and I guess it, could even be a jerk no don’t do that ok ok once.

You do that they’re gone for good oh no more bunnies forever and we don’t want that we love bunny, luv bunnyz because we want to eat them right right I’m gonna keep picking up sapling sense and sort of wander around aimlessly I should be looking. For graph so i can make strobe i like to make this blog and right now I’m going to chop some logs, down there was this is like a bowl over here is there a fast way to. Swap like tools that right click when you’re hovering over what you want and it automatically puts it into your inventory when you’re pretty all want a more full I’m gonna chop the. Street all yours pause all thanks to. You I’m so excited um should be heading back towards the camp it’s about so he’s like a minute or so okay I don’t know where camp is get ahead yeah i really. Wish that it had. Like an indicator of the game well yeah don’t lose your app you use your map but there’s, the shoulder to shoulder yeah it shows all the stuff you’ve built okay it does it oh yeah it does.

I never noticed that so handy head indeed whereabouts what the heck does a science machine look like if you zoom in you’ll see. A black fireplace and you built it you should know oh I think I see it ok this might find it thanks I was going I that wasn’t a good direction out. I think this is it oh yes beautiful all this is so lovely to my trap catch anything yet i guess not.

Let’s see if you put it by your home this guy that can make a fence no I just, put the trap out in the middle of North how to make charcoal you gotta burn down trees with. A torch right but you haven’t really careful because that fires great right yeah I remember now, I’m burning some right now it’s it’s, going all over the place I’ll tale heart ghastly revival ok that’s how I get ready for back with ya right okay if somebody happens to die hey that’s a nice fire you. Got there pawpaw yeah an endothermic one for the summer so. We don’t need it to build it now huh you make that into a serving yeah it’s just chillin get it because you haven’t oh I’m I die I you dying, people die Oh actually realize I’m gonna eat, sunflower petals again okay i think it is summertime yeah it’s summertime i’m cooking do we have any sort of chest and yet what would just be under structures gap exactly i need what. Classical ti3 ok ok i got people coming home boys d3 of people right. Here mighty arms can carry no more little whip you guys are safe yeah you sure yeah okay yeah you’re important mission here we go here we go. I’m building a chest guys but I gotta drop some stuff that’s fine just perch nuts which cut alright okay that.

By a, baby with structures guys got a chest going nice you know what else you got going for you the AF go ah II hope you guys enjoyed episode 1 don’t starve together and we’ll be back in, the next episode where I will continue to lead the pack into. Wealth starving starving you put that a good see you, next time .