Hello and welcome back to another episode of don’t start together the way you can get down there you sounded like suspicious of something one of. The master to one should i go to zero i’m sure i never go 2-0 you said go last time we’ll, be talking about because it took so long the one you’re just all violent and I’m like okay go the honey badger guys up above here how far is. By that wormhole how many pastries i would say really close well I got a 10 second walk like.

20 pansy they make an end at the hands Mike Pence to say the. Vice president to lay down politely he doesn’t seem like it right. Out Cubans yeah but it is he making like a beeline for our area now it’s being a wall when he talks about what do I just made, that joke like let’s go for seconds after it’s been made okay i can give, you a token dog was going back on my feet I don’t know where to go because like all those uh all of y’all go ahead and fighters are are dead. Now so if you just do some fishing and you just go fishing alright, doing it go at the pond don’t joke about any of these hobby right now a. Fish what is your guys favorite card game war war is always Lords easy or as a good game true you Pokemon never. Played before there’s a Pokemon Trading Card you might think yeah I started really yeah i thought no i thought it came after the gene after what game. Video game nah maybe I don’t. Actually know either i don’t really know like pokemon red and blue and then I think the trading cards I don’t know. Man won the red and blue come out whenever a blue trapped him how do you need to trap them was like before green and yellow right what, year come out like 95 I don’t know 94-95 really because i think the trading card game let let me do, what I would be shocked if you actually knew this I’m gonna say the trading card game came out in 96 no no no I can’t because. I swear that the pokemon game was around like when i was playing magic. Ok boot but why red blue came out every 27 who wow how weird is that 1996 ok what’s that one of the trading cards, come out let’s see you just like standing around looking at google he’s. Fishing dogs ok ok so fast hard time finding gold you’ll get these frogs dude Paulie do their killing murdering their murdering my face the fish know the. Frocks pilot pirros did you find, it says right here on every 27 Japanese Pokemon fans will be able to purchase I guess I don’t think about the same time okay I’m gonna go here. We go here we go yeah you probably got better Google food and he does what came, first the chicken or the egg already said that was slow to react to the, popularity of a friend anime so first of all the enemy here wait a minute wait, a minute when they get confused there’s so many different release like there’s also the japanese release like this says uh basically. Pokemon game series first published in October 96 again I guess it’s reading polka facts ok so here it is this this is kind of a tricky question the game was released first above all. And then the trading cards but that was only in.

Japan pokemon pokemon never reach the u.s. until nineteen ninety-six were both the game and the. Cartoon will release at the Electronic Entertainment Expo at the same time so the game for the, game first officially barely and the TV right yeah when they say anime is that like paper you’re getting too far into it now I don’t have that other.

Longer yeah she’s making that up you too but I mean I don’t know but listen i-i’ve been, around enough we’ve been kind to pronounce it I don’t know we were actually i can get my wife got here she was. The actually but you know what you mean your wife was good alright I got three fish to frog legs and all I only love polka facts, add five fish and I would surely google better yeah I google better and faster I’ll google it google pixel though. I got an apple so before Google off yeah i do i’m actually use. It to google thing because my pixel screen broke so i. Gotta get a replace but the screen broke it was attacked or one screen actions it was the back glass gorilla, glass noise I heard the new girl in class so using that wasn’t good oh I don’t know what that the bread see solid I dropped it a bunch of times only the back, crack glass in front and the back yeah half of the phone in the back with a where the, the sensor for your fingerprint is that’s all like surrounding glass on. The back yeah it’s actually super convenient having the. Center when you reach into your pocket your finger automatically like touches the back part just about out of your pocket it’s. Already unlocked technology again one honey google one honey 1 meet of like big size so if you put monster me to marshalls with the hams and a ham, and a morsel or family 14 him that’s expensive one hand and not to, have ya shoppin down wood here i got eight more big meat is right yeah that’s a lot of muscles me to marshall and oh god no, looky-loos way to focus on foo you gotta torch not good now a seventies and we ready for the, game so i have never made it this far in this game really i’ve only, played a number and then like I restart why I want to do a better the next time. You know and we’re going to get the other one bottom of the other one here you gangly fingered things oh god another one you. Guys want to try fights the queen bee idea good i got mini box right now. It’s not I’ll I’m down for that whenever you want to go i’m just going to keep fishing in the meantime I need some food, I need to get back we’re going to do that go back food or I gotta make some food, and then I got to go pick some flowers i’m going insane in the membrane get out of that fridge the bad habit i’m. Going to starve eat some of the barriers or something. You’re gonna eat ya messenger sanity all those guys after somebody that’s me how do you attack them all down s.o.b I made you oh I got to catch 3b just keep running around for a little. Bit of a lot i’ll do it i’ll also super hungry he. Doesn’t get on the ground off I’m gonna make market that’s good that’s good attack these guys don’t have a lot of I don’t have a, lot of help well I’m a little bit there’s the more taxes that’s a lot of readies the, okay they’re fine now not after all right my sanity Oh everything is so green when I’m saying nice more cactus, in the first few good now for sense i’ll, see you don’t really like realized how obnoxious that sound is until apply it yeah the viewers notice though they love it oh yeah i’m sure you.

Have a honey hand if you’re hungry I’ll be okay for now i’m.

Looking for flowers and get some berries there is more cactus and the tents don’t forget about the tent right i’ll probably leave i was waiting to do that. Oh good you’re shedding its my time are now one of these things is dead again int beehive. Is that where that he is yeah they had a queen bee if we want to take it out we probably could be games but, don’t have any extra big pieces i think i still wanted to you could take um perhaps the people’s, butts are red not looking to earn i’m looking at the real hard are you want to have a. Baby where she at africa-based direction let’s go. Let’s go to scoot scoot yeah it back ready to pick up a supernatural yet hold of them before we go in the honey ham i am off you need to be full, or not full but better ok raw fish I wouldn’t we really don’t have a lot of know I can make my little, flower petal hat oh I’m beautiful again I could never tell these berries already they are well apparently, i was reading about the center we talked about last time and I guess that it doesn’t matter like the berries will, always go that small on certain types of bushes you have to pick them and then be fertilized that Bush. It’s the bad bush yeah like it did against the bushes a certain level of fertilization, when you fertilize it all I ran to hide when I’m not attacking I don’t know you guys, ready to do it in the morning okay we’ll do it in the morning alright, got two things cooking i’m going to sleep tonight buddy sleep you want to cook for you yeah yeah i’m going to have one of the.

Bottom honey should be ready father to grab it. Before it becomes the state in the beehives I don’t have this autumn at the bottom with her yet those are going to hear there’s some. Meatballs in the fridge yeah i’m gonna make another Alchemist station let me get my science on that is. Like moving around the block i I’m a bit more certainly is i thought my picking up honey cold don’t break it was.

On the ground the bedroom became clear that was from transfected you probably another. Beehive then near those asked me to like heck off dog off all the more bird trap seems like we’re running out I got, 600 from that the max hurt honey expiring this game i think so it’s sad that last one really long time and meatballs yo ask for food I i went.. To sleep and I trusted you there were there were three Falls there we have to cover here i’ll cook some. Cooking right now I’m so sorry we’ll put on we can make honey ham here oh yeah honey and this up, to marshalls in there so put one of these two hams in there and honey I got it for, monster meat right yeah well yeah could you want yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah why am i catching so much fish nobody’s using the. Fish i just use you to fish or no way I used to the frog but it was kind of muscle so those are good, you’re fantastic you don’t want the job beautiful beautiful too it’s the flower crowd is doing wonders who never made it to be bucks oh yeah you know if, you catch for bees you can use one of, those honey comes to make another box I want a beatbox you’re welcome bud you always got me covered and you gotta say DJ everything but, again i feel you are going how I imagined it is ok later at that all right oh yeah.

We’re going to be right yeah we all okay i’ll be a little catch the bees but i. Guess we can go ahead and pick up that she might drop these that would be worth a drop but you honey ham up here mr. Street.

May know I’m like full are you okay let me make a quick beer first yeah as long as people need ya, got mine own got my logs 26-percent grab it grab an extra so he automatically equipment logs because broken, he does yeah yeah yeah yeahs the weapons that’s. Really handy let’s go guys time is Wade ready ohh alright so we look old and the thing about the. Science machine not me you need investments in there are no I will stop and pick up some waiting, on policy you know yeah I got it now I have this be yeah there is yes when I. Went to get my sanity of wow a lot of flowers flowers I’m full on everything that’s ever been like this it’s, like 20 things at the end of the episode no that’s it leave man you bring a hammer a hammer, that ever got it TXS about guys .