Hello and welcome back everybody to do stuff together sounds perfect timing kill the tree guy like right when you start of the episode say such a, professional why do you look so worried beef like you had like an o face there for half a second I was shocked that you guys kill the tree dude oh. Why does the these these things spicy meatballs he falls, give you a little bit of sanity to I never realized good at night yeah hi I find this uh this fleshy bulb know all those things are bad like. Just just like, right here I’ll just leave it here right I don’t mind if you do just hear what good will say but oh I’ll cook it I’m adding it to the fuel probably a dying right, through here those actually one of the strategies for killing the abbey was involving the fleshy Grove actually really, yeah currently this thing to go I the ground will reach up in the tekkit not anymore you can start to. Get colder because there’s many glaciers forming again yes I. Proper girls winter I probably date 90 actually but yes except is winter again maybe I get any pic skins kill for pigs and goats I’m so, mean this is the worst I’ve really come prob way about it Rob bro robbed robbed another one he’s going, to be the new girl one another one I don’t know why but no the one you’re the one who said and, he wasn’t the one he didn’t listen that isn’t to blame him though dude doesn’t. Want to die know there’s that I thick skins in his chest good bc look I know those the ones that thief took off the. Ground put him in the chest he knew exactly where they were before. Thank you you’ve got it okay well what should we talk before with fight I guess the rut roh fight let’s make forehand bats or maybe maybe three hand bat to. Give one person all the tentacles do you want all the technical d so and then and then we, can make beef one, of the helmets maybeee so should well everybody should have one of anything because they’re a stronger weapon i think and batter the cynical the tentacle so we should eat out have one tentacle one hand bad i, think unless for shower that you read about good is. That for lesson it was for people or just for weapons total it’s just saying how. Long well yeah yeah i guess i guess that’s the thing you know you have a point well be fine there’s four of us we do we’re fine last 50 just for looks alright well. I’m only going to make i guess to hand bats but it’s the only have enough pigskins. For two and one helmet if we should probably have a helmet. Okay yeah i definitely need a helmet i’m like the kind. Of guy who needs a helmet okay yeah and nine times again should we good yeah I do it the morning then he goes back now I guess I’ll fill, up on who should i bring food with me so I’m always strong yeah and. You’ve got you got the healing stuff to you right I don’t have any feeling stuff. On there’s a 14 in the chest here okay each 40 people are you feeling today to give you 30 health coach I think so.

We want the Bible more honey here oh yeah we need more put buyers for it let’s hold up we can make honey ham at least I got no hat now, Susan I think we’re ready for this so if we wait longer we’re going to get the board. If we’re going to die for sure oh my god what happens if oh what if the boys come while we’re out there actually, happen ms or did you say the healing things were poquito i’m making a separatist, down to the right of the base down this is wrong back into the left I guess I’ll take the we got here there’s six, meatballs I probably need to take all those should pick this honey ham you’ll want to be full on food. Okay so I’ll take the six meatballs the meatballs, feel you’re pretty good can be better than you’ll want Erica for during the fight because you’re going to lose, exactly thats that’s why I’m bringing the meatballs the honey ham you want me. To eat that right now but get full um are you full help right now will help pretty close 135 oh no anything we should that restore so no no it. Just eat a ham bad what you should eat them dude really good anything that. Was possible oh yeah I think I am I am full hunger will help I’m ready to fight you see what’s up couple games it. I probably ate a lot what all right wait should I sleep overnight so it oh, no cuz then my hunger will go down yeah we got about 10 log suits or so ain’t no I have to on fresh step 3 and be, ready to grab. On this hand bat let me figure out how to make this I’d say use the tentacle spike first and then hand bat right yeah I think that would, be the better way it’s just me that’s hearing dog sounds I hope so, I don’t yearning your beef wow that helmet looks so silly oh yeah it’s for you to put on you on your helmet way to insult yourself yeah. What would you put it and you have in your pocket we’ll stick you these arms sleeve art live alone should I, take it off until it’s fighting time yeah it off. And so I’m got a torch yes get me to the fire over here because I will take you wherever you want that girl Chris car all right thank you you’re welcome girl not. Big anymore that big girl alright everyone feeling. Good your confidence oh but I never been better you said you had some health thing just where they at they’re in a chest down here okay down here is very vague on to super, very down into the right how far right is right I don’t see anything down to the right, I just can’t be my name or my know that’s how far away you, are already far I don’t know I mean um kind of closer to the be that way we’re gonna carry them just right here there’s a, lawsuit Eddie says down into the right town that’s right ok like everything is down here ok. I thought we were gonna carry these honor yeah I just collecting stuff together here so it, doesn’t get all mixed up soon I thought, it was a good idea at the time ok gotta handle stacks I don’t have the hand bat so I thought you were doing my creature from, made them idea if I be scrapped is I do not have a hand back in the fridge can grab it real quick come and grabbing it real quick I did you look. Fresh while I go to dry me you love it you should grab the other one either yeah I, won’t if there’s extra another honey ham in here, grab that meaty stew beef I think that’s the best food there is actually meaty stew ok that’s in the top 4 traitor there, the dragon pride does a lot of there’s a lot of health are now a lot, of hunger a lot of hunger ok got some meaty stew I got six meatballs on me and I got a, hand ban we’re going to use the tentacles first right yeah I think that was the plan there’s a hen, bettin that slotted for Jerry so trippy sure to grab it got it thanks go let’s go i’m losing hunger by the minute ok I the second I grab, my hand bat I’ll have is one tentacle it’s very if we can have this one pause, i’ll use the tentacles I’m scared why should make more than one sphere but i, guess the scope are we going there everybody has like two or three log suits right yeah yeah yeahs hammer give it him don’t, have a hammer we need a hammer Oh Mia grab your healing things too I took only three for me yeah there’s more than. That just there for people i don’t know how many i grabbed for. All right let’s go if you need more log suits there’s still a few on the ground here to probably need a fire down there though is not, are you know is good isn’t with us the worst week i know i came back up here to. Get a fire making ability and a hammer there’s a. Hammer i made up lies at the next year good okay you got logs to put in it a. Few left hand drop logs on the ground just in case i got the hammer I’m gonna hit it I, am mighty again you’re gonna head eyes what’s there everyone’s got torches on them too right there ready for no no I’m believing in this fire right here okay. Though the fire is therefore people needed anyone throw it correct yep I you think is Oh remember the range scene yep. Hell of a surgeon you are you I’m getting stuck on this honey I hold the honey I’m. Trying to get them trying to get them out of here help more baby Oh pod get out of there the babies oh, man I can’t even. Like catch it okay I need to think I’m healing keep an eye on your help ouch okay I would feel good, it’s not like switching the attack target gonna eat another another meet bolts he really really likes cute Jeremy I’m running away from her for right now. God you need that honey on the ground for some help do you need it which. Is honey he’ll yea it beautiful dude he filled hill after Oh can’t tell if a mech i am giving it or not just looking at your, arrival swinging like for me I was questioning it too but you just going to look at your durability I’m. Sure yeah okay III by the way with a slightly. Behind its after me now open all the listings on our last long oh we’re too tough for it like doing your. Streaming attack I’m not afraid come on Joe go brush having another heel oh he’s on me now okay it’s a pod oh it hurts oh and her so goood John, melody oh, look at the Cougar they called him the Cougars John Cougar Mellencamp the goofy name I know I don’t even know if that was actually his name ouch that hurt a lot I’m gonna have we’re gonna no. Matter right we’re doing better look wait a hill a lot definitely the hill I’m on the verge of. The bethie I’m good nappy oh my god my guy keeps targeting this is a little piece I’m a lonely I, got left my hat broke and my spiky thing broke there’s a lot of little big lip, ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch d e. You know the tiny boldest sucks if as I like 30 man pretty good I thought oh my god Carl these little guys with a word yeah, there’s a little guys there’s so many of them tears in the middle of get the insight come on let’s be nighttime maybe we should go by the. Fire they take it a lot don’t you have fire let’s do that fire, buzzing I had to have it chase those few otherwise we gotta restart oh I’m got one more logs to thirty-nine percent on it and, out of there i’m about to be out of the law here there are no then you have a baby thing that we. Need to clear the babies out okay yeah o wisest Pony. Me awesome we got battle-robin ravenous oh my gosh what is this what is happening it’s got me all that a dad like things are going, to have you I’m so out of help I not a hell. That I don’t have anything to heal do we use all the healing selfing I’m out of them gone either some lessons. Anymore I didn’t take any other test I don’t have the Porsche submitted towards that’s w me aged man baby never stop I don’t know if we. Can actually get rid of them well let’s do yo it all yeah I think it does eat, it ok let’s try oh oh. Oh stop it I can’t eat it oh my god oh I’m down to turn oh goodness are you guys all dead yeah ran out of health nope thing on me Oh pods you’ve, got this look how close we actually grew it doesn’t even like give them like we should.

Get there their health or something for help if you get the. Spotfire you’ll be a hero forever and it was a faceplant well world will reset in 114 second thought if, he did we can respond but she’s gonna reset his machine yeah maybe what’s this touchstone over here touch it oh yeah on Thursday I can’t even use it, can’t usually oh yeah I can I broke it hmm it’s a hard did she yeah oh yeah right back oh man I don’t thought. Oh well we tried we tried but we were close we had more healing we could have done it but is. There more than, the chest I must really stops keep it if there is I don’t think that you know I think we took ever like we only had 14 or so yeah there’s nothing, in here your commission who are you talking to thank you oh I should go grab my.

Things i’m all naked stuff you Thank You goood goood well well and get some city yes holdin a. Canadian a tribe pretty fly we were folks I wonder I wonder if there’s another phase after that it’s. All I felt like the end there right she was making noises there was like a 12 babies, out at a time so I feel like it was closed right ok feel, ya feeling totally basically did it indeed and like if we could be her we could beat the Dragonfly so series own basically, we pretty much better game come on be honest we wrapped it as as we say when your kids yeah rap to get out and wrapped okay package time, to ship it all right good well hope you all enjoyed it yes thanks for inviting me yes. Honorary canadian thanks for knowing your options and for cooking for us and you’ll have to renew your working visa for the next. Series moncler misma oh hey you got a suspension yes keep the bottom beautiful anyways hope you guys enjoyed we’ll see you guys later bye, bye .

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