Launched its launched its up she’s put the name were searching the little arrow right yup I’m doing up for me but that doesn’t write something I will not get anything and I don’t got nothing I get you got it. A lot of still eat eat. I have no other the other I see it I see it there we go now go get my standard only helps see it but I do it because you, don’t worry us human oh no not this guy anyway with this case why did I connecting connecting, man he picked all the flowers was it all just selected out okay. We got I don’t think so it looks like it came name and password oh I found a flower still getting hundred fire. Know where my head is I see it ok use comments coming, and welcome back everybody to another episode of 1000 no triggers gonna get you through our where you can even if you don’t know we’re, going to learn together we brought in some reinforcements dude is here to help us are gonna bring let’s go partying yeah actually sure you do have in Canada sure remember I. Didn’t give you that yeah. I thought i should go get fed and put it on when I’m wearing it now oh yeah that should have been me the stuff to, make the tell-tale heart yeah yeah bring back my life you guys are you, guys need me there there’s that I forget what us I need yeah that’s the spider Gladia what else doing me up as a strong rats strong, so much control I have to grassroots right here i got i already had to, so he’s already way ahead of the gassy and told you this guy’s gonna help us gosh i do all goodness Hey look at that he’s back oh my gosh that, feels so good to be alive again guess what I have no gear i think my gear of despond. Already i secured oh yeah it falls wherever you dry that also maybe eat. Yeah you stole my gear was right here by this unit I doesn’t it I, there’s food here but maybe get with other hand experience i’m gonna take a look around here smiling run flash but tastes like Kevin no it doesn’t isn’t dirty is good aren’t they like, a delicacy know they, see plant trees ethos of the sky was falling cook it i want to call it organizes almost dead i think a collector guardian french fries right I’m going to use the line. On what I did I the dhuryam nothing weapon was wrong I fixed him, what he did you let it fly with oh it always gets everybody sleeps late the pan-flute ok it works yeah i think and where’s my cell you running, around forever when that’s all you had to, do I just don’t know i finally track that’s when he got back in the ground you know. It makes them go make some happy gay boys we need food get on, the food business that’s almost a patron has now he’s upset again her no just walking around what do you need good you need to log here stuff you know if someone backs of my overlord they, go daddy to make a lot to do and I’ll just chop trees. You don’t chop trees around here though we actually don’t have, any grass around you’re doing on know when I can’t find my stuff i’m basically starting from scratch too hey at least we didn’t know that he did well I. Did I mean forever though like the serial might as well have 10 football, program out little dark no you jerk so we found spider nest or anything like that yeah there’s a lot of outright actually parse know there’s a whole. Bunch of them i started 4th fire where there’s a bunch of spiders how do. You don’t know I’m actually go check on them we made a cross but yeah yes there is one there is a crock pot we need like drying racks and and farmland. And stuff either what is this I’ll be back like a bunch of stuff is it it’s among fellow. Watches while it watches you can trick it and then you kill it when he pokes his head out that was, awesome thank you you’re welcome i’m going to cook it now thank you for heat to master his murder. Bowls and your feet from my that only that’s not exactly like that but Amanda fish and he’s indebted, to serve you feeling good yeah we could just say yeah right i. Think so because Tom does anyone have any logs to start a fire I got into on me because I don’t want to chop logs around the, big the big guy and, use it on somebody’s hammer I’ll take it as a feather here did you guys find the people up yeah as a couple where they were just. South of us so the spiders and before yourself yeah i’m actually gonna go check on the spiders right now I don’t know. If like people of brand the fourth fire people said you can befriend the spiders pause that’s your special ability yeah you can, just walk right up it me they won’t they won’t even mad at you yeah but I’ve been murdering them.

Because it’s been fun oh yeah that’ll get angry yeah they’re, they’re kinda pissed you have that wraps around their nest oh don’t know should I go put, some yeah if we get trapped because that’s that’s a good way to get monster meat and other okay spider web and this I didn’t realize you could trap. Spiders yeah that way not to get it on a bunch, heck yeah heck yeah cake that it exists without written permission before you know it that I guess people want us to open our presents too his presence we have presence is the top. Left there I think what I’m leaving for science this is my requires more science yeah we do some presence what. The heck are these what I had coffee berries I don’t know what they’re like llamas they’re passed. Out the past out Bahamas open inhales argument what do you see it ok i guess a that, was like oh god okay what do you guys need to god oh god it’s just gonna last sound what happens when you play. The flu, output space to sleep and I got so many uses their oh god oh yeah that’s right i shouldn’t use it anyway they put this stuff in the in the chest here yeah okay. No no plate you idiot oh he goes with your people o.o, what happened i don’t have light where are you the torch a camp fire again god everything hurts I’m dead always very scarce kill the ductus you know where you were yeah, just south of, where we were actually no more east is that like look at me the map it’s like we’re all those roads. Kinda beat up this isn’t 000 waistcoat ok that’s pretty nice I don’t know where any twins were everywhere I look at snappy catalogs are ghosts anybody have. A log superlux help gabilan thing I anyone need a sphere I’ll take a sphere for lux you off his back so I’m out of grass, that day we were fighting all right down here all i know i do I don’t you see where my. Stuff argued sure okay it’s over here you can mine that’s right they’re here, that stuff is just taking it hey you’re gonna need it hell you’re pretty bad pause you really really, want to protect it’s gonna haunt it take that man you can do so many terrible things as it goes hard again yeah what if I if I examine, his skill if I break his skeleton as he died like extra die know it gives you pause from. The throng okay I’m gonna break up so we need to start the spiders, that bar down here yeah you keep you literally keep walking down its past the Beefalo how that spirit come along. You thought that you make it her I i, didn’t have craft sorry we’re make some we’re low on guys oh my goodness how do you make. Wrote this is ridiculous ok hope is strong for your living at we don’t have any we should move yeah we’ve got the best qualities. I’ve never seen this before okay yeah they’re called no I did beer reply 0 for things, hey whats better the straw hat or the little flower crown depends on what you need rest of the photo com gives you a sanity, back see this is why he’s around what is the straw had to, do we tell you this list for welfare to remember no no idea is good in the summer I where we should move closer to the beef well. Before we met him we’re right by the 8900 like where we are it’s not that bad for. What I by the beginning doesn’t give you a lot of doesn’t even try, to go for something you feel the picture we have gold yeah right no little further but this is it the marble place. These guys we get gear to make our icebox i’m getting i found a bunch of grass, I’m gonna bring back a bunch of grass guys gonna be so happy with me is it weird that when you say iceboxx all i can think of is little giant forget what does that have. To do this because the main protagonist her name was icebox oh they’re all set up yeah remember that so you know. I know I know the movie yeah but I can’t remember the names, are just so far away I didn’t always gonna like it was real it’s an adventure oh I think they may have work down i’m trying to get into, this. Fiberglass box can we burn down where you get it from me that there’s a spider down here spider nest love your brother and that’s what i was going for, example of a drink it is so I don’t want that thing on me why you can eat them is reduced, to our bases yeah which houses of North was just took me on like the longest generally Saturday South ok then there’s a closed state postmodernist to. The northeast is that what you’re saying there’s a really close one you okay your turn haha it’s actually. Right where. There is right by the mirror but we need your like four of them if it’s close to the house we should go back to the house it’s getting dark I’m not. Gonna die with goodness I’m going I’m going back about big torch you have enough or she might. Have to actually look we have probably will after speaker Peroni, orgies of that orgy oh me oh my dicks and keep running right my sanity is still going down very quickly propose. A toast oh it’s okay everything’s alright oh god just drained from like walking closer to you you’re killing us pause okay, I’m you’re killing me like I was gonna hate me double the rate with both okay just just prior to share their actually we, just walked right past but there’s only one is my hat I can’t get. A little rock wait so if I traps fighters can you get glasses that way because you have to murder. That right no you don’t have to murder I’m like whatever you pick it up whatever like, they just got whenever they get trapped all really okay okay laughter and other things right it’s tough but that don’t need one rope, niggas die what is this really doing plants and tracing haven’t moved from over ok if it’s like, it looks like you’re doing some strategic to bring back a little bit until we all wanted he had this from people of wal guys later glad legal people those out nice bring it home. We don’t all manages my oh I need to add fuel how much house do you have, food we bring them back still 1 11 ok, you’re still pleased with them we’re pulling it’s pulling through guys I know only with bone charge kidnapping google she know don’t just. Grab the country which we could make spending the crockpot but the word about, my cub on hon take my dear because what’ll happen they’re running on no no no my sanity is bad again is it seeing dead people, something like that is a light on at home I hope so i was as you know what I home yeah it’s, going good it’s it is it is I i lit its lit you, getting it it’s related i want to trap something I made it I made a bunch of traps before but then I died in people with all my things, so i don’t think i did i’d be a logical stuff so oh thanks to the pits we’re over here dad, we’re talking points feel like that’s one cool it’s almost like dude get over here ok you want to take on the spiders in your mind. Okay it should make a lot of traps and we can. Cover on the spiders yeah you go into different then i can do it i put the gland in the right chest you can put your land any little just.

A little just oh my good oh ok a little flushed a piece of that little flustered box. If it’s just added we gotta do all the grass you screw right here that never knew the grass crew I thought we were. Like in forever there his head something, here his hands yeah how to stop this hand just walking off the score somebody’s getting hurt frosted it was me. I was making the tiltyard what what how do you stop the hands are roaming around whenever you breaking require, more science student I got one I got one I got no I got some Canadian boots nice. What yes ma dude wait wait how do i get a gift not like we got look at them all I stuff they. Go do what you gotta do when i get my god is so exciting is like Christmas all over again not a branch coverage go yeah it’s a. Spiffy item fashion. But unprotected trench coat is a where beaver brown color whoa don’t wear that around though well i mean i have it on look at look at me.

I don’t exactly look helper cool i look you do look really. Cool can we attack this uh no no we can’t get so tired of this one yeah you can, I don’t think anyone got us though what you want to do is cool color yes we should set traps around the spiders it’s about making a weapon first light. Or something we have to do to all your stuff yeah it’s ok you can have your old happen goals, are putting it again don’t worry don’t worry boys chef etho is about. To arrive old Chevy chief she thought keep forgetting about food i should probably not make me, ask so you can eat look we’re gonna have fish sticks a nice guys like your ships to die love fish sticks listen are my favorite sort of stick is true i attack this turkey don’t do it they don’t, know fish sticks all he’s, walking too fast too fast for me the 15 very fast surfing is like you something like all your age I was when you’re marvel super balls on the ground now oh thank, you know I record our key did you it’s all good oh yeah what you have just happy to meet, dropped into the water confuse me all the hours, me from the water I got one of one of the meats and we put in the crockpot and. We keep your items in the crockpot so we need to get like some monster meeting at which we have a much. Bigger than like two barrels and very your sanity that low 21 minutes, at 50 i took out what I’m not a little oh you can’t just keep one thing in their. Beef you gotta put four things always did not go over that that’s what I was telling you know either you. Done goofed I don’t anyone have any traps i can use anybody know that fish stick recipes what the heck is nightmare I thought chef ethos. And take care of it maybe it’s so maybe it’s one twig limit my cookie yellow one twig ok I the turkey meat i was getting too hungry. I’m ok you work hard for that are we gonna are going to take. On those spiders where they said no organized this way follow me with them traps very hungover because it to how it, goes and cry behind the spot spider meet they’re gonna work this time come on fish sticks we fish sticks if, you think like a fish stick with it you know us actually declare a today st percentage represents the spot was rather hoping it’s all. Where we bag this, guy being all smart stuff over here if there’s no rabbit thing right here if I just get catch it should be this rain will get, better by next morning that fish sticks weren’t faces is worse than happy for your. Fish sticks are they delicious their dishes they require tartare we have much meet back at the house beef we just had berries or something we could, mix these two rabbits and Barry and a monster meat and we and here’s all your stuff before you die before my stylist guy literally. Just coming off the server and showed us up he’s finding your gear but we thought these on it. Doesn’t respond ever OH what was I doing all the way over here I, am out ticket okay we need to find one thing to go with these two meaty morsels like one barrier something when we frog fish and salad soup so confused right now. I’ll sue this point we have we have we have eight monster meet.

Back at the house so we don’t like monster meat. Is not something super need right now but we could mix these two because there’s a multi-unit monster modded I know you can you can you keep your not gonna die i’m. Dying of hunger currently okay well that’s not good for Michael she is not good enough you get these trap’s i. Can go to tell me so i. Will eat your fish sticks they’re sitting there and I’m gonna cook some more okay i guess we’re all going home then we’re not going to because it’s because we. Have to go darker as we have a monster me the house we’re supposed to go to this place, well it wasn’t something for that to you i want you to try my. Food but you know audio is your fistrick it right up right up his poop on the ground his food was always pulling, the ground around here wait who come from frill still worried about life, about the fertilizer three feet paws things happen yeah I want past it we’re right over here how many fish sticks are the back of the house till I’m cooking up another batch ok the. Man at the man alive for these things that somebody would. Happen my name is very very valuable stuff what you do with these pinecones they good for anything countries all right that’s right i, forgot about that i’m gonna go back for some more i. Do not want to do that well I need a monster meet by accident is there a way to split them, control from no control ok you know what else controls used for the end of yesterday i hope you, guys do this first episode with good and we all survived we’re not back but i’m just about dying, of hunger here so maybe i won’t see you mix them bye-bye .